Adoption Agreement


This form is for approved adopters only, as the final step in the adoption process.


If you are applying to adopt a cat, please first fill out this application and then we'll be in touch.

Adoption terms for approved applicants:

You agree to care for the cat(s) for their entire lifetime and provide the following:

  • A clean comfy home with space to relax and play

  • Good quality food on a routine schedule (twice per day)

  • Access to clean fresh water at all times (change once daily)

  • Access to a clean litter box (change at least once daily)

  • Treats for good behavior, bonding and socialization

  • Correct socialization based on their personality

  • Daily playtime to ensure they have an active lifestyle

  • Patience!

  • Keeping updated with yearly vet exam/labs as needed, including rabies and other vaccines

  • Responsible caretaker when traveling

  • Plans/caretaker for the kitten in case it outlives you

  • Carrier and supplies for cat transport, including for emergencies such as a natural disaster

You agree to follow to guidelines below to ensure the cat(s) has a safe and happy home:

  • This is a lifetime commitment. You are responsible for their well-being and care no matter what.

  • Keep the cat exclusively indoors at all times, except for a secure screened "catio" they cannot escape from. They have always lived indoors, they are not "missing out" on anything, and do not need to risk their health and livelihoods outside. We are active TNR rescuers and are working against a rising feral cat population (and seeing cats as roadkill). Once a cat goes outside they will likely want to continue doing that, and this causes a lot of different problems.

  • Research and know the signs that signal a medical emergency, know the nearest emergency vet. Have a plan in case your cat needs an expensive surgery.

  • Acknowledge that kittens will grow into cats. Kittens are so very adorable, but the adult cat should be just as loved! Their personalities are still developing and their disposition or behavior may change as they grow.

  • Do you have other pets? What will they do? Know how to introduce kittens so they don't get hurt by larger pets and have a better chance at getting along.

  • Be cognizant of toxic household items (not always what you expect), or dangerous things like candles, stoves, washing machines, things that may close unexpectedly like portable coolers, etc! Make sure chemicals used are safe, properly stored in a secure place, and make sure no toxic plants or other substances are accessible to the kittens. They will chew on and get into EVERYTHING. The ASPCA has great resources and suggestions.

  • Use food/treat rewards to encourage good behavior. Punishment and discipline does not work with cats - you can only reward them for good behavior. This means that instead of being discouraged or mad at bad behavior, you will work to understand the reasons or motivations behind it. For example, suddenly changing their brand of litter may cause a cat to pee somewhere else. This is their way of telling you they preferred the other litter. We’ve all been frustrated from time to time, but there is always a reason for their actions.

  • You agree that if there are any medical or other issues whatsoever with the cat, you will contact us first. Under no circumstances will the cat be dropped off at a shelter. When in doubt, you will contact us first. 

Agree to a $125 adoption fee per cat (or $175 for bonded pair), paid by cash or PayPal day of pickup. This covers spay/neuter surgery and recovery, rabies and FVRCP vaccine, FIV/FLV testing (we have spent much more on them already and are not asking for any fee to cover the expenses we have had over the past several months like food, litter, vet and medications when they were sick, etc.)

After adoption, you are responsible for a lifetime of cat care. We are happy to answer all your questions now and forever, and we can also point you to good resources!

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