We have three focus areas in flatbush

  • Trap, neuter + return training, mentoring and assistance

  • Cat rescue + adoption

  • Free or low cost cat spay/neuter for low income residents (learn more + register here)


Support Programs available for flatbush residents

  • Trap, neuter and return (TNR) training and mentoring

  • Trap bank for TNR volunteers to borrow equipment

  • Community food bank for colony caretakers who actively practice TNR

  • Rescue and fostering support (very limited availability)

  • Free or low cost spay/neuter and vaccination for low-income residents

  • Support grants for mass trapping projects (coming soon)

WE’RE LOCAL for a reason

The best way to help reduce the outdoor cat population is by focusing our limited resources on a small, targeted area, which allows us to maximize impact and avoid spreading ourselves too thin.

If you’re looking for help outside of Flatbush, try contacting The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals or Neighborhood Cats.